Industrial Hygienist

Sep 27, 2018

12-month contract in Plaquemine, LA tearing down a commercial building with mold. (Government project)

1.1. Purpose

These special provisions are applicable to subcontracts for work to be performed at a Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) work location that requires industrial hygiene support as identified in the subcontract.

1.2. Scope

These special provisions include the following major sections:

Industrial Hygiene Personnel Qualifications

Subcontractor Responsibility

1.3. Applicability

Industrial Hygiene Personnel must be involved at least to some degree for all tasks that are anticipated to involve a chemical exposure or exposure to other IH stressors.

2.2. Senior Industrial Hygienist

2.2.1. Senior Industrial Hygienist shall be a graduate of an accredited 4-year college with a master’s degree in Public Health/Industrial Hygiene or other related field (such as Occupational Safety & Health, Chemistry, Environmental Health, Toxicology, etc.) plus 2 years’ experience, within the last 5 years, in a full-time industrial hygiene position in the disciplines(s) to be encountered in the job activities or, a graduate of an accredited 4-year college with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Hygiene or Science (such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, etc.) plus 3 years’ experience in a full time industrial hygiene position, within the last 5 years, in the discipline(s) to be encountered in the job

Must be able to monitor subcontractors and ensure everyone is following protocol and wearing proper PPE.



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