Community Outreach

A core objective of the chapter’s community outreach initiative is to bring safety education directly to the student’s classroom within our community.  This initiative led by our chapter volunteers brings knowledge including practical, hands-on learning to the students that would not be received through standard curriculum, readying students for real world application.

2020 Volunteers (from left): Troy Allen-Excel, Thaddeus McLaurin-Westlake Chemical, Jason Fontenot-Technical Environmental Services, Emma Bataineh-SafetyPro Resources.

Our most recent outreach was Safety Training Day at Central High School, Central, LA.  This 2nd annual event was attended by more than 200 of the school’s students.  The students are part of JumpStart, which is a program that awards students with an NCCER Certification in welding, electrical or carpentry before graduation.  The safety training consist of 5 stations to teach key topics within the safety field, such as LOTO, power tools, fall protection, PPE, fire/emergency response, etc., in order to introduce the terminology and equipment to them before working in their field of study. Discussion and the hands-on experience enhanced learning and understanding.

Our community outreach chair is continually seeking opportunities to involve our chapter members to give back. While a core objective is to partner with high schools, there are other opportunities within the community that our chapter volunteers participate.

Contact Emma Bataineh, Community Outreach Chair, to volunteer for outreach opportunities.